Flash Video Server is a high-performance, extensible, secure and multi-functional server for live and on-demand streaming, recoding; and a easy development environment.

With Flash Video Server£¬the end users can publish videos or play the videos on the server using Flash player. What¡¯s more, the server also enables the end users to record video, append video, and publish live video. It features the high performance, virtual host and data management, security, and authorization, etc.. Using Flash Video Server, you can create a wide range of interactive media applications, such as video websites, video blogging, and live video conferences.

Its possible owners may be a service provider, company user, and so on. As a service provider he can create various virtual hosts on the server and provide web services to web service providers. So that the web service providers can provide end users services of video playing, recording, and live video broadcasting. For the traditional users, they may live internet video conference and allow users in certain IP address areas to access the conference.

The server works with the client-side Flash player to create media-driven, multi-user internet applications. The server communicates with the clients over RTMP protocol (Real Time Messaging Protocol), as well as its variants that base on connective TCP connection. On the sender side, the media data are put in different virtual hosts, which enable different users to access categorized data according multiple URLs. The server also allows you to assign the user authority to access the server. And the information of the users is stored on embedded database. With the log system, the server will record all of the events.

The communication layer uses socket to ensure more than 10, 000 users to connect to a single server simultaneously for on-demand streaming£¬live streaming£¬and remote recording.

Key features:

  • Support .flv, .f4v
  • Support rtmp live streaming.
  • Excellent performance: Single point concurrency is more than 10, 000, and a system can meet most application scenarios.
  • Mature and stable: Commercial system with independent property rights, original factory service and sustainable development guarantee.
  • Solution: