Introduction of Virtual Host

Virtual host is widely used in the web service area. It is a provider of Web Services that include server functions and Internet connection services. It is often used by companies or individuals who do not want to purchase and maintain their own web servers and Internet connections. Hence, Flash Video Server implements virtual host to let multiple users to apply multiple domain names on the same server. A virtual host is equivalent to a domain name. With virtual host, you can group users and specify their powers. This is very useful if you are a service provider who hosts websites with Flash Video Server.

After installation, the subdirectorys in the VirHost directory are virtual host instances, which can be name according to your network ip address, by default, the default directory is the virtual host for all. For example, here is only the virtual host for local pc access.

In the Application directory, application instances are here, which can be used by different users to publish video, it is easy to management the videos. Such as Sample directory, by using rtmp:// with Flash Player or VLC Player to play the 37.flv file.
To record video, use the rtmp:// in Flash Player to record your video as myrecord.flv, myrecord can¡¯t be the same name as others in the sample directory.
What¡¯s more, use D:\ls\ffmpeg.exe -re -i D:\ls\37.flv -acodec copy -vcodec copy -f flv rtmp:// to publish 37.flv as live stream. Then you can use url rtmp:// with VLC Player to play the live stream.