How to publish Flv to Flash Video Server?

As we known, ffmepg can publish H264 flv files as rtmp stream. Here, you can also use ffmepg to publish flv files to Flash Video Server.

Type D:\ls\ffmpeg.exe -re -i D:\ls\37.flv -acodec copy -vcodec copy -f flv rtmp:// in cmd, then use VLC Player to play the url rtmp:// .

"D:\ls\ffmpeg.exe" is where the ffmepg.exe located, "D:\ls\37.flv" is the h264 flv file to publish, "rtmp://" is the url for publish. More details for the url, is the ip address of the server, "sample" is the application instance, and "live" is the name of the publish live stream, you can rename it, but must be different with others.